Uncategorized Will Prop 19 Help Me Save On Taxes? It has been said that only two things in life are guaranteed, death and taxes. We know we can’t avoid the first but we are all up for trying to minimize the second.  Proposition 19 is California’s latest effort. If you are over 55, severely disabled, or a victim of wildfire/natural disaster, you may be […]
Uncategorized Early 2021 Indicators Show Housing Market Run to Continue What can we say, 2020 did not go as predicted, so any 2021 forecasting perhaps should be taken with a grain of salt. As it turns out, our crystal ball is really just clouded glass. That being said, here is what we see happening post insurrection, post inauguration, and anticipating new administration policies (both COVID […]
Uncategorized Going Home It has been said that “…you can never go home again.” Perhaps that has never been more true than this past holiday season of Covid-19. Wise counsel told us that traveling is dangerous and that sitting around tables with our at-risk family members is too risky to enjoy. Even if we were together, it wouldn’t […]
Uncategorized Making A Difference In Our Community   While some of us were on a media fast during the height of election season, the world kept spinning and Covid-19 kept wreaking havoc in people’s lives, healthwise and economically.  As you might guess, Sherry and I believe safe, secure housing is fundamental to our overall well-being. We love how Habitat for Humanity’s vision […]
Uncategorized 5 Fall Exterior Home Maintenance Tips Fall is an important time of the year for exterior home maintenance and perhaps this year even more so than usual. With fire season seemingly starting earlier, lasting longer and with more damage, we need to do more than a quick once over on our homes and yards. Fire Safety: It is important to contact […]
Uncategorized Best Practices Withstand COVID-19 Earlier this month we were invited to speak at Luxury Connections, a top producer panel for The Artisan Group. The Artisan Group is made up of five of the most influential independent brokerages in Northern California. We discussed our successes in serving our clients’ real estate needs in the age of COVID-19. The best practices from our […]
Uncategorized Who is Buying and Who is Selling During a Pandemic? Many real estate markets are thriving in the age of COVID-19 and a few are struggling. Where and what you are buying and selling makes all the difference.  We have seen heavy activity with younger buyers and sellers. The classic downsizer is more likely to stay on the sideline.  And the higher-end homeowners are making […]
Uncategorized Has Contra Costa County Housing caught Covid-19? *April numbers represent new and sold listings through 4/15. Real Estate professionals should always discuss market conditions with buyers and sellers. It is more true in the current conditions as they are changing.  Because a home is usually the largest single investment most of us have, we need to have a fact-based understanding of its […]
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