Uncategorized August 27, 2020

Best Practices Withstand COVID-19

Earlier this month we were invited to speak at Luxury Connections, a top producer panel for The Artisan Group. The Artisan Group is made up of five of the most influential independent brokerages in Northern California.

We discussed our successes in serving our clients’ real estate needs in the age of COVID-19. The best practices from our cumulative 30+ years in the business stood the test of the ever-changing demands during COVID. Putting our clients’ financial and health concerns first allowed us to be a steady voice during the confusing time of shelter-in-place.

Then, as now, the fundamentals of home sales remain the same: we listen to our clients’ stories to understand their needs and wants for housing. We help buyers identify potential homes, assess value, quality, and any potential unseen liabilities. As always, we make sure our clients are asking the right questions and getting good answers.

And now, most importantly during a global pandemic, we make our clients’ health and safety the top priority.