Uncategorized January 29, 2020

Home Safety

By definition, a house or apartment can only be called a home if you feel safe living there. Depending on a specific location there are a number of things to do to help your home be safe.  Here is a shortlist of simple things to do.

1) Keep your home well lit: Put in motion sensor lights near all points of entry. This includes walkways, driveways, front, side and back doors.

2) Keep a line of sight open: Keep bushes and other landscape features trimmed back so there are no places to hide near your doors and so that passers-by can see your door as well.

3) Use technology safely: There are lots of places where cameras can be helpful, like your front door or garages, or back yards.  Being able to record and store motion-triggered videos for up to a week can be very helpful.  Cameras inside the home can actually cause additional risks so use discreetly.

4) Proper use of locks on doors: Use deadbolts with proper installation screws going into the stud and not just into the trim portion of the door.  Also, the door into the garage should be locked as well especially if you leave a car with a remote control outside of the garage at night.